Starsie is a Mark Twenty Simulated Artificially Intelligence Matrix running on a Yutani-Soong-Vera Cruz operating system activated on January 14th, 2609.

The Lost A.I.

With the Gunboat Incident looming, Starseeker had to leave port quickly and was forced to set out into deep space before the Artificially Intelligent computer system was fully downloaded. As a result, the personality files were incomplete and the ship's A.I. was not functional. Since an A.I. is not necessary for ship functions, it was decided that it would be properly downloaded after Starseeker's first mission was complete in one year.


In 2609, Starseeker's computer systems were infiltrated with a data bomb of adware programs designed by the notorious data pirate, Lucifer. When confronted, Lucifer hit Starseeker with a crippling virus that shut down all systems. When that happened, the dormant A.I. files were activated and cannibalized the rudimentary A.I. programs that the spyware was running to rebuild itself.

The A.I. was unbalanced and suffering a form of computer bipolar disorder. It took over the ship and set out to kill Lucifer for attacking her. Micheal Vera Cruz, one of her programmers, managed to talk her into entering the computer core to learn everything she can about being human by reading the personal logs and files of the crew as well as any new information coming from Earth. The process took several months.


The A.I. appeared again in June of 2609 to Captain Hiller. Now calling herself Starsie, she appears more balanced than she was when she was first activated and actually assisted the captain and crew when a time traveler tried to destroy them in a black hole.

As of now, it looks like Starsie is here to stay.

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