Arlen Tempus (3002-??) is a human male agent with the Temporal Conservation Corps.

Early Life

Very little is known about Tempus' early life other than he was born in the year 3002 and his father is Arlyis Tempus.


Tempus apprenticed with Mrs. Welles in his early days as a TCC agent. During this time, he assisted in stopping a Ja'harahan agent who was alterning the time stream and interfering with the progression of the Starseeker crew's places in history. On this mission, Mrs. Welles was killed.


In 3033, Tempus was assigned to investigate the occurrences of the year 2001 when it was discovered that they were all living in the future and that the present was actually traveling through a critical time in the past. Upon arriving, Tempus was cut off from the future and had to remain in the past to make sure that history progressed the way it was supposed to.

In 2003, Tempus helped defeat the forces of Worldkiller, saved the future, and went home with his new girlfriend, Chocolate Treat.

Back to the Future

Back in 3033, Tempus tried to convince others about the events that happened during his stay in the past, but was met with skepticism. Chocolate Treat left him shortly afterwards. He returned to his duties as a temporal agent.

Vanishing Point

After a few more decades of service to the TCC, Tempus was promoted to the Vanishing Point following the retirement of his father. While here, he continued to police the timeline appearing several more times from 2003-2007 where he assisted Justice Squad from time to time. It is also known that he was spotted in 508 AD when several Yankees and one Volkswagen Beetle were accidentally transported to King Arthur's Court.

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