The Five

The Five were a group of superbeings from both main Liamverse and at least two alternate realities, brought together to fight the being known as Legion.



The Five were for the most part survivors of attacks by Legion, found by Drew while using the Hell Timer to check alternative realities to see what potential damage could be caused by Legion to his home reality. The exceptions to this are Megan and Skree, who both hail from the Liamverse. All members of The Five had a knock off version of the Hell Timer made by Arnold and Skree. They were not as advance or realiable as the Hell Timer Drew possessed but each allowed for interdimensional travel between realities. Constant clashing of personailities and a series of horrible events lead to the team splintering and going their own ways.

"Arnold" Real Name "MetalMorphingGunRunner" (far right)

A human mutant of an alternate Earth. A Weapon moph, Arnold is a walking arsenal, able to shape-shift any body part into any kind of weapon, including energy based or projectile (this last ability means he's shooting bits of himself at a target). These shape-shifting abilities also enable Arnold's race to change their appearance somewhat, but they cannot mimic other people effectively.
Arnold became besotted with Quasar after Quasar hit Arnold in the crotch with his Cosmic Stick and knocked Arnold out. Quasar had no way of knowing this was the way Arnolds people show signs of love and affection, or that Anold was actually a woman.
Arnold eventually left The Five and setup a base in another reality where he was able to recruit an army of Super Beings, all of whom were differing versions of Drew.

Hydrich (far left)

Claimed he came from a race of Angels which were in no way related to the Angels of Heaven. His race was decimated in his reality by Legion, but may still live in the Liamverse. He was discovered as the lone survivor by Arnold who took him to the Earth of their reality where they were recruited by Drew after another attack by Legion.
His powers include flight and the ability to manifest various forms of energy for both defence and attack and increase his already great physical strength. He is however incredibly self absorbed and feels he is the only person capable of truly being a hero. His supriority complex lead to various fights with Capeman, someone he saw as an incompetant.
He assaulted the Professor in order to get ahold of the technology that made the Cosmic Stick in a bid to increase his own power, he was never heard from again in the main Liamverse, though Drew claimed Legion managed to get to him. In at least one future timeline he was seen fighting Capeman to the death and losing. It is unknown what he is currently up to.
If his race does still exist in the Liamverse that leaves open the possibility of two Hydrichs from different realities existing side by side.

Leraf (centre)

Able to become a werebear at will, much like a werewolf, but becoming half man, half bear instead. Werebears are stronger then werewolves but slower and less agile then their lupine cousins. They are however just as vunerable to silver based weapons. There does not seem to be any of the same problems between werebears and vampires as there are between the later and werewolves.
He is also a powerfull practioner of Druidic magics and able to control the wind, plant life, and commune with the animals but he cannot use his magic while in his werebear form.
Leraf and Stantos hailed from a world of magic that semed to hint at having elements of Middle Earth, Hogwarts, Discworld and Narnia. Much like Hydrich despised Capeman, Leraf for whatever reason seemed to have an almost personal grudge against the Cosmic Weasel.
He was jeolous of Stantos marriage as he himself was also in love with the same woman who Kate resembles. He has not made any kind of move towards Kate, possibly because she was interested in Drew, possibly because he knew she wasn't really the same girl, and possibly because she kept pretending to be a man.

Skree (centre right)

An alien, from the planet Psionica and a native to the main Liamverse reality. A green skinned race with pointed ears, a muscular frame whcih makes him capable of lifting a hundred tons, and glowing red eyes which can flare up to show his emotional state. His powers include telepathy, telekinesis, illusions, mind tricks, and manipulation.
Skree took it upon himself to train Megan and became something of a father figure towards her. Her death affected him greatly, usually the voice of reason, Skree is a terifying sight to behold when enraged, as the rest of The Five found out at their own cost.
His race reproduces through asexual cloning, but this breaks down the parent body so that the litter of children may life. Skree died as a result of giving birth but his race also possess genetic memory, meaning he lives on through his children.
It is interesting to note that Skree's telepathy while allowing him to communicate with Drew did not seem to allow him to mind control any other vampires, he resorted to telekinetic usage to control one vampire assailiant who was part of a gang attacking Wolfman. Possibly this is due to their undead nature or lack of souls, or some combination of factors. Skree's telepathy is capable of allowing him to send his astral form a least the distancee of the sol system from his own physical body.

Stantos (centre left)

Leraf's cousin has a mutation that allows him to shoot out bony projections that grow all over his body like bullets, make knife like weapons or even form protective body armour. However this leaves him in constant pain but his healing factor negates the worst of this, it does however prevent him from using the werebear form like his cousin.
Driven mad due to the deaths of his wife and children, he is prehaps the most unstable member of the five. Kate bears a resemblance to his late wife, possibly they are alternate versions of each other and he is very affectionate towards her in his own way, but he creeps her out.
He also carries various bottles in his utility belt, some of which are poisons he can apply to his bone shards



Megan has the ability to control fire, she was on the run from Legion who hunted her as if it were a game, while killing other people seemingly just for the sake of it, including her family.
Her inclusion lends a "Dagtanian and the Three Musketeers" element to The Five. Much like the Musketeers, the membership numbers never quite add up to what was advertised.
Megan would be on the run and actually bumped into Drew and members of the Justice Squad on a couple of occasions before joining up with Drew after a chance encounter in Britain. Megan and Drew became romantically involved, his first serious relationship since Anna.
She eventually, after some tutoring developed her powers to the degree where she could use them to fly however she was dependent on her flame for flight and loss of flame would lead to her to fall from the sky.
Megan had a connection to both James Rymer and the Alpha and Beta Nerds, neither was something she was proud of but both were out of her control.
Her death shock the already fragile alliance of The Five to it's core, eventually the members went their seperate ways.

Honourary Members

Unlike the Justice Squad which has reserve members to pick up the slack and support staff, The Five had far more limited funding and operated out of The Uppda Creek Bar in Los Vegas, run by Drew who prefered to work solo to gather his information, they were however supported by the staff of the bar who far the most part were vampires with souls or normal humans.

Drew Fangtastic

Drew was the founder of The Five and the defacto leader, but still prefered to work as a solo oprative for the most part. Leadership was therefore assumed by Hydrich for the most part.


Often provided help or filled in by doing odd jobs, but was generally busy with the bar.

Stevie Gonzales

Like Kate, he was generally busy with the bar work, but like most members of the bars staff, would provide help and assitance when needed. His current status is unkown, he may have died in the explosion that destroyed the bar.

Character Basis and Development History

Originally the idea was that this group would directly mirror the X-Men and be brought under the leadership of a Professor Saviour and going under the team name of the S-Men with certain characters based on the character classes from Diablo 2. The Diablo 2 elements were kept and the team was connected more directly to Drew Fangtastic, Saviours character and powers instead being made into Skree.

For development purposes they were codenamed in pre production as "Justice Force" as a homage to the Justice Squad and the X-Men team X-Force, but the name was never used officially.


Megan was originally going to have a twin sister who controled ice, this was dropped but it was mentioned that her family members each controlled an element.

At one point Drew was going to recuit a pair of Budest monks who would be able to utilise their Chi energy to devestatign effects. With the inclusion of Skree and Hydrich they were considered unessersary.

The wrecked Determinator was meant to be rebuilt by Nightflyer and gain independent thought and free will and also join The Five. A script parodying certain scenes from Terminator 3 was also considered (generally centering around repeated crotch shot after crotch shot with whatever items could be found on a busy road, mostly white picket fencing) but all Determinator material was discontinued due to lack of time for development. The Determinator would however be used as a Drew Decoy later on.

Hydrich was based on a brief period where the X-Men Archangel had energy surrounding his wings. Hydrichs wings however were always meant to be pure energy and could simply be turned off so he could pass for a normal human, this was never made clear in any script dialogue or narration however. His powers are also based on Dragonball Z in that he can charge himself up to become more powerfull.

Skrees race inadverently used an already existing alien race name, Psions are the name of the Race of DC comics character Starfire, and the two bare no resemblance to each other. Skree's race has since been renamed Psionicans for any future appearances.

A script error mixes up the characters of Leraf and Stantos in their final apperances. Ironically a similar gaf was made in early drafts of their first appearance which were corrected.

Leraf and Stantos both have healing factors, but Stantos bone mutation cancels out his ability to use a werebear form.

Stantos was based on the Necromancer character class from Daiblo 2 (Bone and poison) but resmebled the Gene Nation and X-men member Marrow in apperance. The healing factor was intended to explain the bizare way Marrow survived having her heart ripped out of her body, as a second heart seemed unlikely even for a mutant. Leraf was based on the Druid class and his name is an anagram of Feral. The name Leraf was used by The Fives creator when playing Diablo 2 online. Arnold was based, physically at least on the Diablo II Barbarian, the gender issues were based around inital ideas for the X-Men character Mystique which were ultimatley rejected for that character but used for Arnold.

Kate and Megan like Anna before them have never had their last names revealed.

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