The Liam Smith Show

The Liam Smith Show is a serial that ran for 100 installments between 1999 and 2000. The serial eventually spun-off into Justice Squad and was revisited in The Capeman Movie, a comic book called Illegal Aliens, and a fifth anniversary reunion called The Wrath of P.E.N.I.S..


The Liam Smith Show was a response to a story written by Liam D. Smith called Jay and Jason in which real life Sliders fiction enthusiasts Jason Donner and Jayelle Carrey were depicted as lovers. Jason Donner shot back with the short story "Revenge is Sweet" which depicted Liam D. Smith as an idiot living in Las Vegas who helps destroy a monster called Spicezilla - a 200 foot tall Ginger Spice.

Although "Revenge is Sweet" was never meant to be the jumping point for an entire series, it ended up becoming just that when a petty and good-natured fiction war between Jay and Jason and The Liam Smith Show broke out with Jason Donner declaring that there would always be one more episode of The Liam Smith Show than Jay and Jason.

Eventually, Liam D. Smith ceased writing Jay and Jason but Jason Donner continued to write The Liam Smith Show out of a hobby.



The Liam Smith Show involves the central character, Liam Smith, who lives in Las Vegas Nevada. There, he is usually the accidental participant in a series of supernatural events that threaten either himself or the entire world at large. Thankfully, however, he is protected by what appears to be incredible luck.

Season One

Season One of the show consisted of 23 installments. In it, Liam Smith is introduced and so is his circle of friends including Mr. Hilter, Harry the Handyman, and Capeman. Gary the Fanboy, Stacy VaVoom, Thad Coffey, Bippo the Clown, Doris Winchester, Jesse Glaspey, and Jonathan Kruger joined the cast later. Liam's enemies were also introduced; Satan, Senestra Malevolus, The Tribunal of Evil, and Fluffy the Hamster.

The season ended with "The Big Ones, Part One" the first appearance of Kari Wuher, Liam's greatest crush, and a devastating earthquake that leveled the city and left the fate of every single character in doubt as it was promised that one of them would die.

Season Two

With the rebuilding of Las Vegas and the death of Mr. Hilter, season two started with a major five episode arch in which Mr. Hitler's previously unseen daughter, Kathy Hilter, suddenly appeared and expressed her intention of turning Upda Creek Apartments into a parking lot unless the cast would pay her a million dollars for the property. It was at this time that Professor Maximilian Arturo (from the television series Sliders) joined the cast, paided her the money, and became the new Superintendent.

The rest of the season focused primarily on current issues and sit com humor including the contested race between George W. Bush and Al Gore and parodies of pop culture.

In the second season, recurring characters Kevin Riley, Drew Fangtastic, and Tempus were added to the cast and Jesse Glaspey and Johnathan Kruger joined the cast full time. The recurring villains, Doogan Kessler and The Determinator, made their first appearance as well. Justice Squad was formed in the episodes "The Fury of P.E.N.I.S." and "Day of the D.O.N.G." which introduced Ultrawoman, Colossal Chunk, Nightflyer, and Captain Spaz.

In the episode "Son of a Gun" Liam's parental issues are dealt with for the first time as Liam learns that his father, Drake Daniels, had passed away many years before. This was the series' first stab at serious drama.

Towards the end of the season, Liam Smith and Stacy VaVoom finally realize their love for each other and decide to get married however, in the final few seconds of the finale, "Much Ado About Knotting," Liam Smith's mother, Holly Starr, shows up during the wedding looking for "her baby" and goes to Stacy revealing that she and Liam are actually brother and sister.

Illegal Aliens


A comic book adventure, this story is about how Liam and Professor Arturo discover an alien in the middle of the desert and bring it home only to find out that other people - and aliens - are looking for it. This was the first appearance of The Cethy and The Jennifer Hanson Empire (known then as the Zorbarbian Confederation). The alien Joe's son would appear later in Justice Squad during the Kingdom Dumb story arch.

Season Three

Season three began with an epic arch as Liam Smith, trying to escape the humiliation of his aborted wedding takes Donner, Thad, and Bippo with him on a vacation to the Bahamas and end up on a journey through space. After arriving home, Liam and Stacy decide to remain friends as they are the only family that each other has anymore.

Later, Liam time traveled to 1977 to uncover the mysteries of his birth as he is revealed to be a "child of destiny." This piques Satan's interest in him even more as the dark prince decides that he must be destroyed once and for all.

The characters of Quasar and The USS Voyager crew are introduced.

Finally, in the six-story arch an ancient space-born parasite, Worldkiller - an entity hinted at for years - finally arrived and Liam and his friend along with Justice Squad defeated it. Liam has a final confrontation with Satan and his evolved by God into a higher lifeform who leaves Earth (possibly forever) for some greater purpose.


Liam Smith
Professor Maximilian Arturo
Bippo the Clown
Chocolate Treat
Thad Coffey
Jason Donner
Elvis Presley
Gary the Fanboy
Drew Fangtastic
Jesse Glaspey
Jonathan Kruger
Kevin Riley
Triumph the Insult Comic Dog
Siegfried and Roy
Stacy VaVoom
Doris Winchester
Kari Wuhrer
Officer Tooty
Officer Sunday
Police Chief Piggy
Mr. Hilter
Harry the Handyman
Bobby DeHutt
Colossal Chunk
Captain Spaz
Blue Fairy
Cosmic Weasel
Doctor Wham
Fluffy the Hamster
Senestra Malevolous: Mistress of Evil
Scrappy Doo

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