The Slightly Warped Website

The Slightly Warped Website is an internet website created by Jason Donner and first appearing online August 11, 1996.

The Original Website

The Slightly Warped Website was originally founded as a fan site and, thus, the first three sections which premiered with the website were The Slightly Warped Star Trek Page, The Slightly Warped X-Files Page, and the Slightly Warped Sliders Page. A few months later, The Slightly Warped Star Wars Page and Donner's Movie Reviews were created. The final page, The Slightly Warped Buffy the Vampire Page was added in 2002. Another page, The Slightly Warped Miscellaneous Page was created at the same time, but was closed down after a few years.

Warped TV

The Liam Smith Show and WarpedTV was created in 1999. The second series, Justice Squad, was added in 2002 with Starseeker joining them in 2008.

Entering the 21st Century

With the dawn of the 21st century, The Slightly Warped Website continues to grow with The Arcade, The Crap Factory, The Ghastly Ghost Gallery, L.O.L.A., and The Halloween Haunt.

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