The Unnamed Race

The Unnamed Race is a race of powerful humanoid telepaths that live on the planet known as The Unnamed World.


The Unnamed Race are common primate bipeds with the same build, height, and strength of a normal human. They are noted for the darker skin patterns across thier eyes and cheeks that seem to be like fingerprints in that no two patterns are alike.

Male and Female members of The Unnamed Race typically dress alike and sport long dreaded hairstyles.


Unlike many races in the galaxy, The Undard.named Race has a complete mental record of their entire history thanks to the mental powers they posses as the most powerful telepathic species in the known universe. The Unnamed Race evolved from primates during a time when their world was shrouded with a thick fog that made visual contact impossible. The species did not evolve a sense of hearing until many millions of years later and so The Unnamed Race developed a very acute form of telepathy to communicate with each other.

This telepathic communication eventually linked every member of the species into a collective consciousness known as The One Mind that operates as a single individual. As a result, when one communicates with a member of The Unnamed Race on their homeworld, they will never use the pronouns "us" or "we." Individuals who leave The Unnamed World will assert individual personalities, though many of them suffer psychological stress from being separated from The One Mind.

The Unnamed Race's contact with other lifeforms in the galaxy have been frustrating for both parties involved. During first contact with Humans in 2530, The Unnamed Race expressed surprise and disgust that humans would keep secrets and ordered them out of their airspace. It was not until 2591 that both species came to a mutual understanding and, in 2603, a member of The Unnamed Race became involved in the Space Force Officer Exchange Program.


The Unnamed Race considers itself superior and more highly evolved than the rest of the species in the galaxy but sees them more as children than substandard. Often they will express frustration towards non-telepaths and offense at the concept of not being trusted by others. Rarely do they ever lie simply because they have difficulty with the concept.

The Unnamed Race does not name people, objects, or places as they see it as limiting and insulting.

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