Unnamed (Date of Birth: Unknown) is a member of The Unnamed Race and currently serves as the Tactical Officer and Second Officer of the Starseeker.

Early Life

Much is unknown about Unnamed as he spent much of his life as a member of The One Mind, the collective thoughts of every member of his species on The Unnamed World. His exact age, place of birth, and childhood have never been released by his government which considers them unimportant. The first record of Unnamed's existence was in 2603 when he was sent by his race as a candidate in the Officer Exchange Program.

Leaving Home

Leaving The One Mind was a traumatic experience for Unnamed who went through extreme bouts of depression which evolved into an addiction to psychological medications. This fact was discovered by Samantha Lane in 2608 who blackmailed him to serve as her eyes and ears on Starseeker. Since then, his addiction has become public knowledge and his deal with Lane has become moot.


Unnamed began serving on Starseeker in 2608 and quickly made history by being appointed the first non-terrestrial senior officer on a human ship (quickly followed by Hauvie Cordaine). In 2609, following his actions during the riots on Haal, Unnamed was appointed second officer.

Personal Information

A powerful telepath, Unnamed has taken a vow never to use his mental powers on his shipmates but has mentioned that he would break that vow if the ship were in mortal danger. In fact, Unnamed has used his telepathic skills numerous times to communicate information and calm individuals suffering from a telepathic disease.

Obviously, Unnamed has no personal name as his species has no need for them and considers them distasteful and limiting. Captain Hiller frequently refers to him as "Tactical" which Unnamed seems to tolerate out of respect and necessity he also has come to realize that the crew has bestowed the nickname "Freckles" on him in reference to his facial markings. It is unclear how Unnamed tolerates this label.

Unnamed and the other members of his race cannot read individuals who test at a zero on the psi-scale.

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