"Untitled" is the 4th episode of Starseeker and the 4th episode of the first season. It first appeared on November 10, 2008.


When a member of The Unnamed Race is murdered (something unheard of in the highly telepathic and joined society) Starseeker is ordered to deliver Unnamed to his home world. Once they arrive, Unnamed is shocked to discover that he has been locked out of The One Mind, the Unnamed Race' collective consciousness for fear that an outside influence is responsible for the string of murders.

When Unnamed demands to speak to the representative of the Unnamed Race personally, they find him dead in his home — the result of another murder. Several members of the Unnamed Race come to investigate the death of yet another vessel. Jaan Brin and Micheal Vera Cruz encounter two children outside and, after speaking to them briefly, a black mass appears and attacks them. Brin gets the children to safety by teleporting up to Starseeker. The beast vanishes, but Vera Cruz is injured.

Brin teleports back down to find Hiller, Cole, Unnamed, and several members of the Unnamed Race tending to Vera Cruz' wounds. However, before long they get a frantic call from Starseeker — the black mass has appeared on the ship and is attacking the Command Deck.

On Starseeker, Cordaine rushes the rescued Unnamed children to a lift, but the beast begins to break in. Hoping to spare the children any pain, he stuns them with a blaster which causes the beast to disappear once again before it can kill them.

On the surface, there is another death… one of the investigators that the landing party interacted with shortly after discovering the first body. The One Mind is furious, believing that the Starseeker crew are somehow responsible for the new waves of muders, and demands that they return the missing children, that Unnamed leave the ship and return home, and that Starseeker leave immediately.

The vessel addressing Hiller is suddenly attacked and killed by the black beast which turns on the other vessels standing around, but leaves the Starseeker crew alone. Unnamed, thinking quickly, demands to be let into the One Mind stating that things can't get much worse than they already are and, once he is allowed in, the beast vanishes for good. It turns out that it was a telekinetic manifestation of the One Mind's own fears and xenophobia. Once Unnamed joined with the One Mind and shared his experiences on board, the fear went away and the beast was destroyed.

To prevent another episode, the Unnamed Race sends five more representatives to Space Force's Officer Exchange Program.


2530: First contact with the Unnamed Race is established by Captain Peter Lott. This is also the first contact that The Unnamed Race has with other species. It is an awkward and strange first contact as the Unnamed Race vessel which is contacted instantly reads the minds of everyone on the Earth ship, much to their concern. The Unnamed Race is shocked when is discovers the concept of "secrets" and breaks off communication saying that they are not interested in dealing with a people who willingly conceal thoughts - a concept alien to them.

2591: The second contact between humans and The Unnamed Race occurs during the Catian War when a starship commanded by Captain Daniel Rushing enters orbit badly damaged. The Unnamed Race breaks their sixty year silence with humans and offers to repair the ship. Captain Rushing and the One Mind come to an understanding that humans, being non-telepaths, are unaccustomed to their minds being read and see it as a trespass. The One Mind promises to restrain itself while they are on board. Antwon Ward is a member of the crew and is the first to deduce the race's collective nature.

2603: Captain Samantha Lane of the Ripley makes contact with the Unnamed World after receiving an invitation from the One Mind. She is informed that the One Mind wishes to take part in the Officer Exchange Program and sends Unnamed to the ship as its representative.

As Ripley leaves orbit and Unnamed looses contact with The One Mind, he has a nervous breakdown as he has never been alone in his entire life. The ship's doctor, Joseph Astor, allows Unnamed to read his mind for comfort, but Unnamed uses the link to discover the location of anti-depressant drugs in the ship's medical deck and later, with no one watching, takes a large amount.

2608: Two months before the launching of Starseeker, Lane, who is now an admiral, holds a meeting with Unnamed where she informs him that she knows of his addiction to anti-depressants and that she intends to use him as a mole on Starseeker. In return, she will keep his secret safe with her. Unnamed knows that, when he rejoins the One Mind, his misdeeds and subterfuge will be exposed to his own people. With no choice, he takes Lane's offer.

Unnamed apparently functioned as Lane's eyes and ears on the ship until the events in "Unnamed" when his secrets were finally revealed to The One Mind. It is unclear how much information he provided to the admiral.

Interference by the Intruder

Because of the Unnamed Race's telepathic nature, interference by the intruder was not possible meaning that Unnamed's history continued unmolested.

Writer Notes

Unnamed is an notoriously difficult character to write for an, sadly, he is often pushed into the background. "Untitled" was written to provide him and his people with some much needed backstory. I feel that, in certain areas, the script is a failure. While the idea of a race actually killing itself with fear is always appealing, the visualization of the world is dull and unextraordinary. There would be no reason that a hive mind would be living in houses with backyards. In the time since this episode was written, I have imagined that they would be living in cities devoted to different tasks — Science City, Art City, Philosophy City — where they would all bunk together in large communal houses as big as stadiums. Also, I believe there would be a Reproduction City where the vessels with the most desirable traits would go to ensure the next generation. Since every vessel can see and feel everything, I imagine that there would have to be a set time for sex to happen as one stray orgasm would essentially cripple the entire civilization.

Episode Notes

  • Admiral Lane actually offers a useful warning at the beginning of the episode when she says that the Unnamed Race's isolationism is a "dangerous game."
  • Lane also mentions the Hansonites: an allusion to The Jennifer Hanson Empire from Justice Squad.
  • Captain Lott shares his last name with Harkonan Lott who is introduced several episodes later. This is due to the fact that they are both named after a friend of mine and, by the time "Adrift" came around, I forgot I had already used it.
  • Captain Lott's Op's manager, Commander Hoshi, is named after the character from Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • Antwon Ward is portrayed as being a Lieutenant in 2591, but is supposed to be captain of Sutherland in 2592. It is possible that the ship he was serving on was decommissioned or restaffed after returning to Earth and, due to his valor, he quickly rose up the chain of command as many did during the war.
  • Commander Troy is named after the character from Galactica: 1980.
  • The Unnamed Race see names as insulting.
  • Ensign Culkin is named after Macaulay Culkin for some reason and Commander Fogg is named after a character from The Fifth Element. The Ripley is named after the character from the Alien movies and is also the same ship Lane commanded in "Baptism by Fire."
  • The highest rank a non-terrestrial can legally obtain in the Officer Exchange Program is Lt. Commander.
  • Brin learns of Hiller and Vera Cruz' plot to get rid of all the Catians on board even though they had already unofficially called it off. Brin, however, believes that Hiller intended to get rid of all the aliens on board and takes it personally, putting a sizable chink in their friendship.
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