Ureean Yageer

Ureean Yageer (2566-??) is a male Nuperi Marshal in the Nuperi Imperial Forces.

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Yageer commands his own starship. His first encounter with Starseeker was when he apprehended Jaan Kerin on suspicion of smuggling and insurgency. He released Kerin into the custody of Captain Captain Hiller in exchange for Kerin's ship on the condition that Kerin be confined to Starseeker Starseeker for one year and that a Nuperi Officer come on board as a liaison.

Upon discovering that the ship's computer system he had traded his prisoner for had been infected with adware and rendered useless, he recruited Harkonan Lott to take the liaison's position on Starseeker. Before boarding the ship, Yageer constructed an elaborate ruse to make Lott believe that his mother, who had died in a tragic accident, had been killed as the result of a terrorist bombing carried out with help from Jaan Kerin in the hopes that Lott would eagerly feed him information about Starseeker and that his presence on board would be a destabilizing force.

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