A vampire is a super natural creature, typically a demon that has taken over the dead body of a human, though other creatures have been turned. Usually it has full possession of the human bodies memories and may have the same basic personaility as the human, a completely opossite personaility, a twisted take on certain aspects of the humans personality or a completely different and unique mindset all of it's own, however it usually lacks a human soul. A vampire is several times stronger then a normal human and has much faster reactions and resilence, and the ability to regenerate injuries. However it needs freash supplies of blood in order to continue existing.


Though not fully documentated, the origins of all modern day vampires traces back to a Blood God who would go to war with a rival Wolf God (in turn the progenerator of the werewolves) this rivally has been transfered to each species, members of whom usually hate one another with a passion automatically in what can be most simply put as a form of racism, though some have put their differences aside.


A vampire is made usually by draining a human of nearly all their blood then sharing some of the vampires own blood with the human. This is done in a state close to death and the human may not survive at all if too much blood is taken. It is not untill the human has died and risen in their new form that it is known of the siring has been succesful, at which point the new vampire is completley cured of any previous ilnesses or physical wounds and is now free to learn it's place in society. If the attempt is unsucesful the body is simply disposed of.

It has been suggested that a vampire is created by a mutagenic virus that enters the blood stream, rewriting the DNA of the victim and allowing the corpse to be reanimated. While this would explain the drastic change in personility it does not explain the lack of a human sou, contrary to popular belief demons do have souls but they are as different to human souls as an animals soul. Possibly the virus allows for the demonic lifeforce to take over the body, but no study on this has ever been made public.

While the above is the typical way of how a vampire is sired, they have been exceptions. The human Andrew Smith died from blood poisoning infected form wounds from a vampire he encountered in the World War One trenches. Sobalda Gewählt could turn her victims with a single bite. Various animals were accidently turned by being bitten by a vampire they were bitting at the time.

Some sires are capable of granting specific powers to their new "child", depending on the powers they themselves have and the level they are at. A vampire wanting an army of shcok troops may increase their childrens physical strength and speed at the cost of other abilities.

Vampire Society

Vampires have a society that is often complex and seemingly institutionalised in many ways, this is partially due to the fact that vampires are immortals and many of the elders are from countries and time periods that thrived on many heirs and graces, and the elders tend to be sticklers for traditions long since ceased. For example a vampire from the days of the crusades may holds "courts" that resemble medieval monarchies, complete with jesters and muscians and feasts, in this case of live humans.

Vampires have clans usually set up by one elder or possibly a low level vampire acting as the head of the clan, each member would usually be sired by the head or would otherwise be a reject from another clan or a stray who was turned by accident and who has nowhere else to go. It is not unheard of for vampires to betray their clan and move to a rivals. If the head of a new clan is in good standing with his sires their clans would usually act as allies and may even merge for greater strength in numbers. Larger clans typically have better facilities, though some may be decedant due to lavish lifestlyes, and others may be more combat based or have better scientific research or magical protection, this is all dependant on the head of the clan.

A more concise overview would be that vampire elders from each clan are usually elected to the council, usually by elections or by combat, a leader is elected (the mothersucker being one of the last examples of such) and overviews any changes to vampire law or other day to day to affairs.

Vampires despite their reputation do have strict rules when it comes to feeding, no pregnant women may be fed upon or turned, no children are to be fed upon or turned, the old, the weak and the dying may be fed upon as a mercy act or turned if they could contribute to vampire society. This last rule is somewhat difficult to enforce as there is no rule on turning anyone else into a vampire, so long as they are left with an ample food source any one young and healthy is fair game to be fed on or turned.they may setup a clan

Not all vampires play by their own rules and some will go into seclusion for their own benefits (Nicola Duvampyre being one example) or even defy the council and build up their own forces before assuming a coup of the council (Count Dracula did so though the council was in ruins and the vampire clans were scattered and in disarray at the time.)

Vampires have been known to migrate to darker areas depending on the time of year, much like birds flying south for the winter. due to the march of technology many have chosen to reside in sunnier locations and simply instal protective glass and various securtity features to allow them protection from teh harmfull UV rays.

Vampire Ranks and Titles

An Elder is simply a vampire that has lived a long time, as such their powers will be far greater then a young vampire and some will have built up resliences to holy artifacts and sunlight, but not a true immunity (see Count Dracula). They may be other ways around this (see Nicola Duvampyre)

A Master vampire is a vampire that has attained true control over most if not all of the powers at their command, many at this level may have additional powers that are unique to themselves and some may have access to magic further augmenting their abilities. Many if not all Elders will have achieved this level and may choose to be addressed as either a Master or Elder. A Vampire at this level can turn any human into a vampire of near equal standing. (see Drew Fangtastic)

Clan Head is a vampire who has created their own clan of vampires, they may setup a base anywhere they can and may refer to it by any number of names of their chossing, including nest or house. They may not be especially powerful as even a low level vampire can set up a clan if they so desire.

A Sire is a title any young vampire will use to refer to the one that turned them, almost any vampire will at some point be refered to as such. If they have adopted a stray vampire who was abandonded by their own sire they may both view them as their true sire and refer to him as such.

A recently turned vampire may be refered to by many titles, youngling, sireling, new blood or anything that the sire may think of.

Current Status

At present (2009) both the vampire and werewolves populations are at an all time low. A small group of vampires who still possess their human souls are known to be in seculsion in Los Vegas. The majority of souless vampires are known to have been destroyed in the revived Werewolf/Vampire war started by Count Dracula and ended by the combined efforts of Doogan Kesler, Wolfman, Drew Fangtastic and their allies.

By the time of Starseeker the metahuman and supernatural populations appear to have dispeared, some may be in hiding, but they are now treated much in the same way as any other myth, as if they never really existed. In the far future however, vampires and werewolves live side by side with other supernatrual beings on a specially designed colony on Pluo that they may never leave.

Powers, Abilities, Needs and Weaknesses


While powers will vary, the most notable and common powers are increased/superhuman strength, speed, reslience, enhanced senses, healing and regeneration, levitation or flight. Some have had shapeshifting abilities, telepathy or hypnosis, telekinesis, firecasting, weather manipulation, lightning blasts. The older a vampire the more powerfull their abilities are, and some may choose to specilise in one area for some time thus gaining skill and power in that ability (see Bob).

Unique powers

Sobalda Gewählt had the unique ability to instantly turn any human into a vampire from a bite alone without sharing any blood. This has suggested an advance metagenic virus that instantly attacked and overhelmed the victims imune system allowing the demonic form to take over instantly.

Sarah Vatar had the ability to cast fire, she claimed Drew had been able to do so once though that may have been a jibe at Drew's own deceased girlfriend, Megan who was a pyrokinetic.


Blood is needed to help maintain the body, freash blood is preferable but chilled or even frozen blood can be used with no ill effects. The blood does not have to be human as cattle can also be used as a source. It is currnelty unknown if any non earth based lifeforms can be made into vampires, but there has been instances where animals such as bears, birds and even fish have been made into vampires, however they lacked any inteligence and seemed unaware of their limitations.


All vampires have had proven to be vunerable to the same factors, such as holy items, holy water, garlic, holy ground or people of deeply relgious backgrounds can have a physical effect on vampires. Diret sunlight, fire, certain forms of raditation such as Ultra Violet light, servere physical damage beyond their ability to repair may force a vampire to seek cover to allow time to heal serious injuries. Electricity will also have an effect on vampires, up to and including vapourising them. A wooden stake to the heart will kill outright, as will decapitation.

Some vampires have proven to have stronger resilences to certain classical weaknesses, others have shown no ill effects at all to certain stimulai It's unknown what if any other factors are in play there.

Notable Vampires

The following is a selection and brief overview of some of the major vampires figures in the Liamverse.

Doogan Kesler (Werewolf/Vampire hybrid)

A major player in the reinstignation of the infamous war between the two species, taking the powers of his enemy via sorcery, he ultimatley ended it.

Count Dracula (Master)

This vampire was a one time knight and lord from ancient days, who as a vampire was very nearly sucessful in his bid to wipe out the werewolf race.

Drew Fangtastic (Master level at initial siring, later a basic fresh start)

One of the first vampires to retain his soul, he was also incredibly powerful for his young age, gaining the attention of his adoptive sire, Nicola DuVampire.

James Rymer

The first and only vampire turned by Drew, kept his human soul but was driven mad. He would sire the majority of Drew's linege who Drew would later accept responsibility for.

Nicola DuVampire (Elder)

An ancient vampire lord, he has been invovled in godless science for so long he may be the originator of the very term. Is one of the few vampires able to withstand direct sunlight.

Luna (Vampire)

An evil and souless version of the fmaous Justice Squad heroine from an alternative reality gone horribly wrong.

Sarah Vatar

A former heroine, possed of a dormant metagene she was turned into a souless vampire as a part of a plan to undermine and demotivate Justice Squad.

Sobalda Gewählt (slayer turned vampire)

Once a famous Vampire Slayer, to date is the only known example of a Vampire Slayer being turned into a vampire. Losing her soul she gained many unique abilities as a result and blamed the world for her misfortune.

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