Wolfman (Thaddeus David Coffey) is a werewolf and member of Justice Squad.


Early Days

Thad was born on October 13th, 1971 in Modesto, California where he grew up eventually moving to Las Vegas when he turned 21 with dreams of striking it rich. Unfortunately, his dreams were shattered when he lost all of his money - all sixty one dollars of it - on the roulette wheel at Circus Circus. Thad simply asked the owner of the casino, Senestra Malevolous, for a job.

The Liam Smith Show

Thad was bitten by a werewolf named Doogan Kessler in 1999 and changed into one himself. For the following two years, every time Thad was caught under a full moon, injured, or under extreme distress, he would transform into his werewolf form and become a mindless killing machine. During this time, he accidentally devoured his landlord, his parents, and several street hookers. Fortunately, he was able to ebb his transformation with the help of werewolf patches, small disks applied to the skin that contained traces of holy water, wolfs bane, and nicotine.

In 2001 an evil sorceress took command of Thad's werewolf form and turned him into her own assassin. The Blue Fairy and Capeman intervened and while they tried to save him, Thad met with the spiritual manifestation of werwolves, the Wolf-God and officially broke from the pack, magically de-aging back into his twenties.

Since then, he has has full control of his wolf-form.

Bridging the Gap

During the Summer of 2002, Thad accompanied his friend, Gary the Fanboy, to a Justice Squad audition. There, Justice Squad took an immediate interest in him for various reasons and sought to train him to use his powers for good.

Justice Squad


Thad took the name Wolfman and began life as a full time Justice Squad member. Although his sexual appetite and lack of critical thinking skills made the first couple of years tough for him, Thad eventually discovered that he was a capable leader by assuming command of Justice Squad when every other member went missing. When Ultrawoman and the rest of Justice Squad returned, Thad was appointed the second in command.

Thad's time in Justice Squad also led him to experience deep personal loss as this was the time that he lost the one woman he really cared about: Sarah Vatar, also known as Capewoman. Thad took the loss of Sarah very hard and left Justice Squad for a time, only to return when Sarah returned to life. Unfortunately, fate separated them again when Sarah was turned into an evil vampire and, even after her soul was returned to her, the two realized they could never be together again.

Thad was granted immortality by Doogan Kessler as a way of making amends. Today, Thad remains a member of Justice Squad.

The Future

Thad eventually and unknowingly fathers twin boys, Bo Coffey and Luke Coffey that he will not meet until the year 2033. It is possible that this is just an alternate timeline and the events may not play out as they were witnessed.

Thad is alive and well and the financier and president of Galactic Justice Squad in the year 85,275 AD.

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