Yang Liwei

Yang Liwei was a blockade runner during The Catian War. The ship was very old and was due to be retired, but her mission was extended during the hostilities between Catia and Earth.

Montoya Ward served on Yang Liwei from 2595 until 2605 as the ship's second officer. At one point during this time, Yang Liwei answered a distress call only to be caught up in a temporal disturbance that caused it to fly back in time several hours. It turns out that they answered their own distress call. Tempus was involved in this situation in some fashion, but it was unknown to Ward until Starseeker was lost in time and space near the end of 2608.

Yang Liwei was finally decommissioned and dismantled in 2605. Parts of the old ship have been appropriated for use in the construction of the Yang Liwei II which is scheduled to be launched in 2612.

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